Noemi & Nikola, The Wedding Day

This wedding is stunning! And I loved every single detail of what made it so special, I don’t even know where to start. But I think the dress should get an award as this beautiful bride is about to become a style icon. I honestly believe that Noe’s gown was divine and that she looked perfect in it. This wedding was one that embraced a mixture of romance with a touch of modernity, while being amazing altogether. The party was set at the beautiful Motel Gilau, with a spectacular view above the lake. The bride’s love for detail was seen in everything she chose for the guests’ visual delight. The flower arrangements were one-of-the-kind-pastel-works-of-art made with love by Perfect Day Decor, the bridal bouquet was a poetry in pink and white hues with a touch of green, the candybar was delicious and colorful and made such a great couple with the unlimited cocktail bar, the music band was awesome and so much fun, the fire, the cake, the fireworks…not even the rain could ruin the mood, especially when a double rainbow shined above for a while.