Cristina & Bogdan, 2-Year-Anniversary Shoot

Once upon a time, but to be more precise, 11 years ago on a beautiful Thursday evening in November, Cristina met Bogdan. They met in “Euphoria”, such a good name for the place where they fell in love. They were enjoying college life as students in Cluj back then and together have discovered places that in time became more special. I’m sure Bogdan will never forget their first date when he had waited for an hour in front of The Central University Library before she appeared. Or their first kiss in the Union Square witnessed by St.Michael’s Church.They will never forget life in the dorms, with all its adventures and fun, or the long walks taken on the citadel at sunsets. I met Cristina and Bogdan when they were celebrating their 2-year wedding anniversary and was¬†pleasantly surprised by their fresh love and beautiful friendship. We’ve rediscovered together, after so many years, the places that meant something for them…”Euphoria”, that is now “Camino”, the dorms, the citadel, the Central University Library, the Union Square, and last but not least, the 25 Bus that took Cristina every day home. It was a journey back in time and I cannot think of a better way to spend your anniversary. Happy many more perfect years together, dear Cristina and Bogdan! It was a pleasure meeting you!¬†