Hi, I’m Lavi and I am a photographer. I’m also the proud and happy mom of a very funny little guy.

That being said I thought I would share a few random thoughts about what makes me a dreamer of this world. I never take life too seriously, although I’m very serious about my work, I dream with my eyes wide open and I am ¬†happy to share the colors I see. I believe natural light is the best there is and try to use it as my ally as often as I can. I love taking pictures of people and their endless emotions, of significant details, of children and their infinite supplies of ingenuity and unconditional love.

I always enjoy a good story as much as I love music and lavender flowers. I like to think that I see beauty in everything, and the good in everyone.

I will share with you small and big parts of myself through this blog, starting now.

You can find me on Facebook

Also, if you want to send me a message I will always be at this address: cestlaviphotography@gmail.com

I am available for commissioned works worldwide, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

And…don’t forget to smile every single day! ¬†