Carmen & Diego, The Spanish Adventure

The best part about a destination wedding? It’s the very best vacation of your life, and you get to share it with beautiful happy people, make new friends and discover unique places. When we first talked about going to Spain to photograph Carmen and Diego’s wedding day, we were very excited about all this new adventure, but had no idea that it will be infinitely more than we imagined. The venue chosen by the couple was simply stunning ( One of these places you definitely want to visit again and again) and made their special day even more amazing, the landscape, the road, the colors and the sky…breathtaking. Everyone was so friendly and warm, you could feel the happiness and the love all around. We were extremely moved by Carmen and Diego’s way of enjoying the moment, smiling all over their dreamy wedding day, surrounded by their awesome families and friends. It was our great pleasure to be a part of this beautiful experience, with and for amazing people, and I am happy to share with you the colors and the mood of what we call, The Spanish Adventure.